A downloadable game for Windows

Fallen from the skies, Robbie the robbing robot will try to repair himself by getting new parts that provide new mechanics and allow to access new areas! 

Powerful fans, electric dangers, all part of the adventure

Join him in this dystopian platformer and help our robot explore the pipeline world. Return to the starting point after having collected at least 30 gears. 

First you will see you can’t access some paths or holes, just search another path and then come again when you have a powerup unlocked.

Just download and play! 

(Make sure to rate us at ludum dare if you have time :D)

The umbrella unlocks new areas of the game

This is the first time we take part in Ludum Dare. The game was created in about 24 hours (we didn’t have more time) by 18yr olds Crochar(code, sfx, music) and Paude(all artwork). 

F to switch fullscreen, ESC to quit, hold jump to use the umbrella (you have to get it first). 

Thanks for playing!

Install instructions

Download the file, uncompress it and then execute the .exe file


Robbie_v1.zip 24 MB

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